Happy New Month my loves! I’m so glad to have been blessed with the opportunity to see the second month of 2018.. and so so happy January is finally over, I mean who else felt like it lasted a lifetime? We’ve finally reached ‘the season of love’ and I’ve decided to do a Valentine’s special here on the blog just for you guys. I’m going to be publishing a few valentine’s themed posts up until the 14th of February and I hope you guys enjoy it!

This season is highly anticipated by a lot of lovebirds and hopeless romantics all over the world! However, I personally feel like its an overrated ‘holiday’. Yes, I understand it’s a day set out to specially celebrate and show love to others but I also feel like a lot of people wait for this season before showing that much love to people. Why wait a whole year to show someone how much you love them when you should set out to do so every day? Then again, that’s just my theory. This will be my first time actually celebrating Valentine’s day because this will be my first time being in a relationship this season lol. Guys, with all honesty, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. It’s all just new to me and at this point receiving chocolates and roses or going out to dinner just seems a bit too corny lol, it’ll be nice to receive them don’t get me wrong but it’s just so ughh!! Okay, this is becoming too much of a boring rant, I’m almost starting to sound like the Grinch of Valentine.

Moving on to a topic less naggy…… what to actually do for Valentine’s Day?!

If you’re like me and prefer more fun activities with just a little hint of romance on an occasion like this, I have three suggestions for you! And these are actually three things I’m thinking about doing on that day. (You’re welcome!)


It’s such a good way for you guys to bond intimately while also receiving glorious massages, facials, and other skincare treatments. Most spas have couples packages so I suggest you find the right spa and book a day for you and your partner! You could also nibble on some nice desserts and drink some champagne. Just let loose, relax and make sure to enjoy each other’s company!


I’ve always wanted to do this with my partner but we’ve been postponing for the longest time now! Valentine’s day is a nice excuse to finally do it together. Plus we’ll be having so much fun together relieving stress. And for the romance part, we can have a nice romantic dinner afterward. Oh yeah, and you too! lol


Enjoy each other’s company in a new city learning new cultures, trying out new food and sightseeing. It’s such a cool way to unwind and learn in the process! Don’t forget to take pictures and make your mark in that city.*wink wink* haha.

I have a few more things on my list but those are things in particular that are special to me and my partner so I can’t really share. But if you’ve found my above suggestions somewhat helpful, feel free to let me know in the comments. We have 2 weeks to plan our special Day so don’t panic! I have a lot more suggestions in store for you guys, I will reveal as the days go by. But that’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Please don’t forget to like, comment your thoughts and share with your friends and family..and even your partner lol. Have a lovely week ahead guys xx

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