I’m so sorry for being MIA over the past couple weeks, i’ve been busy with uni and work and in all honesty I’ve been too lazy to do anything outside that! But we’re two more post away from concluding the How I Edit My Pictures For Instagram Series. Today I’ll be showing you how I edited this lifestyle picture!

Before we get started, If you missed out on reading the first three parts of this series, you can catch up here:

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                                            BEFORE                                                                                                              AFTER

1) The first thing I did was to change the perspective of the image because it looked bent to me, so I used the rotate tool for this!


2) Next up, I added a very dark filter from the “drama” tool because I wanted my background to be slightly darker. So I used the brush tool to paint on only 25% of the filter to my background.



3) I go on to add a filter (X02 – my fave!) to give the picture some colour.


4) Then I darken the image some more using the curves tool (darken)


5) Using the tune image tool, I add some contrast, ambiance, highlights and shadows!


6) I use the brush tool (-5) to darken some parts of the image, including the background, my skin and outfit. And (+5) to add some more highlight to my cheeks and body), also I used the saturation brush (-10) to colour a part of the background grey!


7) I move on to add some glow to my body by using the glamour glow tool in number 2!


8) I reduce structure where I feel its too rough, I also did this a bit on my skin!


9) I add some structure to the image by using the Details tool, and then i paint on the effect on the background (+100) and on my clothes (+50) on my outfit.


10) Lastly, I reduce the inner and outer brightness to make it a little bit more darker!


                                                                                                                                      FINAL EDIT


I hope you learned something from this post, if there are any specific editing techniques you would like me to speak on, please leave your questions in the comments! Also don’t forget to like and share this post. I wish you guys a lovely week, see you soon! xx


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