Stepping out of my comfort zone and into the world of statement jewelry! I’ve never really been the kind to opt for statement jewelry, I usually find my self reaching for statement jackets, shoes, shirts instead.. it’s more my style. But I’m currently in the process of re-inventing myself and doing things I usually wouldn’t, so this time I’ve stepped out the box to try out this trend. I went shopping the other day and couldn’t help but notice these beautiful and vibrant tassel earrings, I guess what got me more interested is the way the hook goes all the way down. It’s super creative and I’m here for all of it!

I wasn’t sure how to style it at first, but my creative senses were tingling one night and I found this blue dress at the bottom of my suitcase (a gift from my ex roommate). Lol no offence to her, but the dress was super ugly, I only took it because I saw potential in it, and I was right! I took a pair of scissors and cut it straight into a crop top, it kinda gives me Yeezy vibes and I dig it! I paired my DIY top with a grey midi skirt (which is actually a dress I wear as a skirt sometimes lol). Times like this I thank God for my ability to make something out of nothing, well in this case to make clothes work however I want!

Back to the trend! Tassel earrings are great pieces to go for, especially now that statement earrings are taking over the SS18 runways and streets. There are many designs that fit every style. From minimal to extravagant, here’s a shopping guide on tassel earrings:

  • Mango Tassel Earrings
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  1. I personally, like to dress down a bit if I’m wearing statement jewelry, if your tassel earrings are extravagant try wearing an off shoulder dress/top to draw more attention to your shoulders and ears. Give the earrings their space to shine!
  2. Pair them with a casual outfit; pairing your statement earrings with jeans and a top will give it a completely different look, far from basic!
  3. If you want to be super extra, add some more color or prints to your outfit. But careful so you don’t overdo it!
  4. Keep every other accessory minimal, so your earrings can make the statement!
  5. If you have long hair, try putting it up in a ponytail or slick it back to give room for your ears to gather all the attention!
  6. Keep your makeup simple and classy!
  7. But if you want to go for a colorful makeup look, make sure to keep your outfit simple!


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Let me know in the comments how you would style your tassel earrings?




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