One of the questions I get asked a lot is how I edit my professional pictures, answer? Photoshop! Lol I planned to do a tutorial on how I actually edit but then I thought about it properly and decided I’m gonna create presets for you guys instead! In the meantime, while I’m working on that, I decided to share 3 things I always do when editing my pictures along with a few tips on how to make photoshop easy to use for you.


 The first thing I do when editing is to retouch the skin! My favourite tool to use when removing blemishes is the Spot Healing Brush Tool and sometimes when there’s too many blemishes on the skin, I use the Patch Tool or Clone Tool. Here’s a tutorial on how to use these tools: CLICK HERE TO WATCH TUTORIAL ! Another thing that is very essential for me in retouching skin is frequency separation, CLICK HERE or HERE to watch tutorials on how to do this!




I don’t think I’ve ever edited a picture without using camera raw filter! I use this tool to increase or reduce exposure, add highlights, shadows, vibrance, sharpen the image, colour tune a bit, but one of my favourite features is the HSL/Grayscale feature. I use this to change colours, increase the saturation and luminance of the colours. CLICK HERE TO WATCH TUTORIAL on how to use camera raw filter to edit pictures!


The most essential part of my editing is toning the image to fit the mood I want it to have. Depending on the picture, I experiment and use different tools to get the toning right, but I mostly use Gradient Map to tone my images. You can either customise your own or change your settings on Gradient Map to Photography Toning to find already made gradients you can use to tone! Play around with the blending mode, I mostly go for soft light or overlay and then reduce the opacity. CLICK HERE TO WATCH TUTORIAL on how to use Gradient Maps!

I hope this post was useful to everyone who’s been asking about how I edit. I know a good number of you didn’t understand half the shit I said lol so please watch the tutorials to learn! Photography is an art, if it interests you, learn a lot about it and practice as much as you can, find your voice and your style and you’ll see how quickly you’ll succeed in it’s world. As promised, here are a few tips to help your journey into photography easier for you:

  • Once you figure out the type of photography you’e into, find other photographers who are into the same category and learn from them! Watch tutorials, read blogs to learn the techniques you want.
  • Practice a lot! There’s so many tools on Photoshop, I didn’t even know some of them existed until I started experimenting a lot, because you can’t find tutorials on everything!
  • Focus on the bigger picture! I always like to give some of my pictures artificial effects, adding rainbows, shadows, sunlight, warmth, smoke etc. This can easily be done by either getting your desired effects in png or adding extra effects using JPEG images and changing blending mode to Screen.
  • Enjoy it, have fun with it! Don’t take it too serious lol just enjoy what you do and let it flow naturally!

These pictures are from my first photo series for the summer, and it’s called SUMR.




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